A group of concerned fishermen’s organizations and processors initiated a research and consultation project to identify ways to improve the handling of lobster at sea by Nova Scotian vessels.  Since the inception of the project in 2002, the group led by the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council, shared a common goal of achieving the highest quality lobster thus increasing the value of their products in the face of ever increasing world wide competition.

Phase I of the Project focused on identification of current at-sea lobster handling practices across Nova Scotia and a review of current research on the effects of these handling methods.  Phase II developed a workshop and video to educate both existing fishermen and new entrants to the fishery by demonstrating proper lobster handling at sea from the perspective of industry participants across the province. 

The ultimate goal was to develop material that would promote the best at-sea lobster handling practices, improve the profitability of harvesters and processors while re-establishing pride within industry members.

Quality Lobster from Ship to Shore gives an overview of the best lobster handling practices on board Nova Scotian lobster vessels.  Designed for both the harvesting and processing sector, this video will provide the viewer with the know how to effectively land high quality lobster.


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