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Process Safe Handbook

In an effort to promote safety, the NSFSC has produced a Seafood Processing Safety Handbook. This Handbook is a tool which should be used to raise the importance of safety and foster implementation of safe workplaces among seafood processing companies in the province.  

The development of the Handbook was supported financially by the NS Department of Environment and Labour, Workers’ Compensation Board of NS, and SafetyNet

This Process Safe Handbook is a practical guide for seafood plants to use to improve the safety of their operations.  It offers “dos and don’ts” for employees and serves as a “hands-on” guide for their daily routines.  Through the use of illustrations and practical information, the Handbook should become a valuable resource and work tool for all workers.  The NSFSC and the departments wish to foster a safety conscience and safety work ethic in seafood processing plants as part of a larger province-wide effort to improve safety practices throughout the fishery. To obtain a copy of the Process Safe Handbook, contact the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council at the coordinates below.

Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council
38 B John Street,
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia B5A 3H2
Phone: (902) 742-6167  Fax: (902) 742-8391