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Snow Crab Quality Handling Practices:

The objective of this project is to assist the NS Fisheries Sector Councilís efforts to ensure that the snow crab industry is positioned to address their critical labour market challenges in their sector.  Specifically, the NSFSC will identify the skill sets and handling practices required and the best practices thereof, to ensure that this lucrative industry is positioned to remain competitive on a global market and that it will have a competent and skilled workforce to sustain the industry.

A definitive study of the current practices used in handling snow crab is required in order fully understand what practices are best.  Fishermen generally know how to keep snow crab alive and healthy during fishing and storage operations.  What is not known are the best methods based on a detailed knowledge of present practices and an assessment of how differing methods affect the physiology and health of snow crab.

This project relates to a study of handling practices and the development of training tools. In the first part of the project, information was gathered, assessed and the best practices were determined. In the second phase of the project, training tools were developed to demonstrate best practices. These training tools include a training video, a handbook and an instructorís manual for a 1/2 day workshop. To obtain a copy of the Quality Snow Crab from Ocean to Plate DVD or to inquire about a workshop in your area contact the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council at the coordinates below.

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