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Fisheries Safety Association

Training Program for the Seafood Processing Industry
Based on CFIA Schedule I & II Requirements

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently implementing revisions to the inspection process relating to requirements under Schedule I & II of the Fish Inspection Regulations. These changes have been causing considerable concern and uncertainty for seafood processors. In an effort to improve awareness and education on this subject, the NS Fisheries Sector Council (NSFSC) in conjunction with the National Seafood Sector Council (NSSC) will produce a training program for industry’s use.  The materials developed will assist seafood processors to be better prepared for future CFIA Compliance Verifications. The training program will provide the seafood processing sector with a module to better prepare them for CFIA inspections.  

The module will assist the industry:

  • Fully understand the Schedule I & II requirements, including pest control requirements.

  • Perform self audits within the facility to assess compliance.

  • Develop corrective action plans and implement accordingly.

  • Understand what is acceptable and unacceptable via in-plant reviews and assessments.

  • By providing examples of the best practices and products to solve problems and help plants to remain and/or become compliant.

  • To better understand the CFIA enforcement policy. 

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